Scientists Discover Beatboxing Gorilla

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Jacob Lopez, Staff Writer

On Nov 5, 2021, a group of highly trained scientists stumbled upon an unexpected, but extremely welcome, discovery. They were surprised to meet a friendly gorilla with talent far beyond that of your average primate. He possessed the astonishing ability to beatbox

The scientists were on a research expedition to Head Bone Island when they encountered this peculiar fellow. They took and immediate liking to him.

“He appeared on our third day there, and we greeted him, had a lot of laughs while doing it… but it wasn’t until a couple nights later, when we heard a large BANG-BANG-BANG, that we really met him. He had come to put on a show,” Sydney Greatall, primatologist.

This was the most significant discovery they had made during their entire expedition. There was no dissent at all, they had to bring him to the United States.

Once he was shown to the world they wear hooked immediately. He was given the name 2Rilla, being compared to some of the greats by his fans. It was immediate success like none had ever seen.

His shows are known to be magnificent events, once in a lifetime experiences that are unlike any other. You’d have to be extremely lucky to get into one now. It’s no longer like those first few days when he performed on the street, trying to get the attention of passersby.

He has already outsold many artists on his meteoric rise. Unfortunately, some do not accept the fame that he has received and feel that he may not deserve it.

“Stop thinking of 2Rilla as just an animal, and start thinking about him as the artist he is,” Kanye East, American Rapper.