Girl’s Water Polo Tryouts


Photo courtesy of Brook Padilla, assistant girl water polo coach

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The girl’s water polo season is starting, so coaches have conducted tryouts from the first of November to the 12th of November. They were going through different types of training to help them win when their season officially starts.

Though it is called tryouts, every girl who tries out will make the team. The tryouts are for finding out where the girls are placed on the team, or where they can improve best.

During tryouts, the girls are working on swimming, ball work, and how to play the game. They have been tested on stamina and strength as well.

“It was very difficult tryouts and definitely one of the hardest tryouts that I’ve had. We put a lot of time and energy into the two weeks. I think we are going to do well this season because of all of the hard work we’ve put in inside and outside the pool,” Giovanna Quiroz Senior, Varsity water polo.

The tryouts were run by Brook Padilla and Justine Castro, and the results would later be looked over by Kristin Rodriguez, the head aquatics coach. With the boys being in the playoffs Rodriguez and Natalie Rivas are not able to be there.

“I think we are going to do great this season. We are all making a lot of progress, which will affect our gameplay in the future,” Jenna Simms, Freshman, JV water polo.

As the tryouts wrapped up, the girls were doing their best and finishing strong. We wish the best for the upcoming girl’s season.