ALHS Superhero Ultraferno Fall Play is Here!


Photo By Fiona A. Vo

Fiona A. Vo, Editor

ALHS Drama presented their show: The Superhero Ultraferno. The Superhero Ultraferno is a satire, comedy subtly confronting the real-world issues that superheroes represent, and a collection of stories about DC and Marvel superheroes/villains.

“I think this show is really funny and especially if you love Marvel or DC. It’s fun to watch all your favorite superheroes stories,” said Luis Chavez, junior, the actor who plays Spencer: a school nerd, Batman, Reed from the Fantastic Four, and an announcer.

This show was made by Don Zolidis and produced by arrangement with Youth Plays. The show was from November 17 to November 20 and was located in the auditorium from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Social distancing and masks are required at all times.

“My job is basically to call all the shots up in the booth to make sure the show flows as smoothly as possible. The job itself is somewhat stressful and time-consuming but worth all the sweat and possibly tears because this department is so welcoming making it not only easy to make friends but a great work environment,” said Gizelle Marquez, junior, stage manager.

This show was originally done at Montclair High School. This is the first full show done since COVID, so they decided to do a show that was already done to get drama back into full action. There was also a photo booth done by publicity in the lobby of the auditorium. Due to COVID, there aren’t any paper program pamphlets, so there were QR codes around the theatre for the audience to see. The Superhero Ultraferno was an amazing show for those who love comedy and superheroes, and we look forward to what drama has for us next.