Boys Water Polo wins CIF D3 Championship


Photo courtesy of Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma boys were fighting for first in CIF. They had an 82% win rate overall putting them in CIF, and the boys won all CIF games putting them in first place, and offered to go to Regionals.

CIF water polo games include both private and public schools in their division. Alta Loma was a D-3 school with D-1 being the top, but the boys made a rise and became a D-2 school for water polo and are playing as one in regionals.

“It all comes down to teamwork, we all clicked right from the start.” Alex Lopez, Junior, stated to the Daily Bulletin.

The ALHS boys played in all of their rounds in CIF and came out on top. From their second round at a score of 19-7, their semifinals round at a score of 15-8, and their finals winning at a score of 12-7

“This took a lot of reflection on everyone’s part. We did some back-tracking at times in order to move forward. It’s a unique, fun group that really worked well as a team,” Kristin Rodriguez head water polo coach stated to the Daily Bulletin.

Alta Loma came out first in D-3 putting them out to a D-2 school for next year and for regionals. Regionals are for competing certain teams from our region and seeing who comes out on top.

The boys were offered to play in regionals as a D-2 school and won their first game. But they sadly lost their second game, ending their season.

Though the boy’s season has come to an end, but we can look forward to our girl’s team and next year for the boys. Go Braves Go!