ALHS Football CIF


Photo by Jesse Jimenez

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma football team has made it into the CIF playoffs and are going into the second round. After defeating Troy, ALta Loma has moved on to the second round and are facing off against Mira Costa in an away game. This game will take place on Friday, November 12. Alta Loma must win these games in order to not be eliminated. Some of the football players are taking it among themselves to really take this team past the next opponent.

“We are hopeful to advance to the CIF finals” Stated, Senior, Braden Lynch.

In CIF the stakes are higher because if a team loses once they are eliminated. Alta Loma must play these games like it is their last because it just might be. If they win this next game then they can possibly get another home game, which the Alta Loma students love. No game is an easy win because all the teams left are still in it for a reason. Since it is now the second round this means that all the teams have won a game in order to move on. The competition will only get more difficult. 

“Unfortunately we were not able to get past the second round and lost” Stated, Senior, Ayden Kirk.

Alta Loma football team was not able to advance and got kicked out in the second round. Hopefully next year we go farther and the team goes all the way to the finals. The football season has now ended and it is time for the other sports to begin. It was a fun season.