Christmas Before or After Thanksgiving

Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Staff Writer

On the day right after Halloween, people begin to decorate for the Christmas season and skip Thanksgiving. This is the right thing to do, people should skip over Thanksgiving and go right into Christmas. When Halloween ends, people need another big event to keep them going. Thanksgiving doesn’t fulfill that need to take people’s minds off the dread of the world. People require the spirit of Christmas to bring them together and make them feel like better people. “I think if we got rid of Thanksgiving I really wouldn’t care. I only love it because we get a break” stated Nylea Garcia, Senior.

Thanksgiving is a useless holiday, just an excuse to eat a bunch of food. There aren’t even set decorations or cultural traditions within Thanksgiving except for turkeys. It isn’t a huge holiday worth celebrating and isn’t as important as the other holidays surrounding it. The Christmas spirit brings people joy and happiness. So wouldn’t it be better to enjoy it for longer; hearing the great Christmas songs and enjoying peppermint lattes for longer seems great. People seem to enjoy the cheeriness that Christmas brings when it comes around every year.

“November is Christmas season because it’s a cold month. It’s also nice to have a two-month Christmas season” stated Catalina Rodriguez, Junior. Why do people care so much about other people wanting to celebrate Christmas early? Just let them live their lives and the people who are obsessed with Thanksgiving can celebrate it all November long. Let people celebrate Christmas when they want to, it doesn’t affect anyone.