The Ocean Cleanup Organization to the Rescue!

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Jacob R. Lopez, Staff Writer

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization that has aimed to rid the ocean of garbage since its foundation in 2013. Now, with the completion of the test trial for their System 002, the beginning of the end of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has started. The patch has been estimated to be about 1.6 million square kilo meters, which is roughly three times the size of France. 20,000 pounds of plastic was removed from a half-mile installation during the testing of The Ocean Cleanup’s technology.

“The Ocean Cleanup, which has the goal of removing 90 percent of floating ocean plastic by 2040, has been developing and testing multiple trash-cleanup prototypes for years with limited success… Their newest U-shaped net system, nicknamed “Jenny,” is their most successful iteration yet,” wrote Corryn Wetzel, freelance science journalist.

“When oceanographer Charles Moore discovered the vortex more than two decades ago, he estimated that it would take around 79,000 years and an entire fleet of ships to clean it up,” Aria Bendix, Senior Reporter at Insider.

This promising new technology is only fated to get better. System 002 proved that the technology can remove even tiny fragments of debris. The non-profit will begin working on System 003, which will be scaled to a fleet of systems once validated to be the most effective design.

Plans to remove plastic go beyond the ocean. Intercepting trash in rivers will reduce the flow of more trash into the ocean. All the plastic taken from the ocean and rivers will be recycled and repurposed into new products.

“For society to progress, we should not only move forward but also clean up after ourselves,” Boyan Slat, CEO of The Ocean Cleanup.