Camaro Vs Mustang

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

The ford mustang was made in 1964. The Chevy Camaro was made in 1966 to go against the mustang. The mustang was envisioned by a man named Lee Lacocca. The Camaro was invented by a genius man named Bob Porter. The Camaro was invented specifically to compete against the Ford Mustang. There have been many arguments over which car is better. Many people over the US have made videos giving pros and cons of both cars. There have been debates with races and the things the car has added on to the engine. Most people mostly race both cars with their V8 engine. 

Gladys Rivera, a freshman, said “I think Camaro is better than mustang because I like the details on that car more than on the mustang. I also like how the car runs more than the other.” Most mustangs are often more expensive than the Camaro. When both cars are sold, stock the mustang comes more pricey around the price of $36,130. The Camaro comes around to the price of $34,000.

 Joaquin Tirado, a sophomore, said “I think mustangs are better because they are my all time favorite car and I have seen them beat Camaros many times.” The two cars that have been battling the most are the Camaro ss and the 5.0 Mustang. Both cars have V8 engines, it has been proven and shown that Camaros win more on oval tracks and mustangs on straight tracks. The Camaro ss top speed is 165 mph, it can also do 0-60 in four seconds. The mustang 5.0 top speed is 155 mph, and can do 0-60 4.2 seconds. The mustang comes to weigh around 4,398 lbs. The Camaro comes to weigh around 3,351 lbs.

 With both base model comparisons and the Camaro being lighter and faster i think it would be safe to say that the Camaro would “gap” the ford mustang. If other people have things to say then they will have to bring evidence to the table.