APU+CalBaptist Admissions

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

Students if counselors have begun to tell you about college then this article is for you. APU is a college that one should think about applying to. APU has an average admission rate of 69% . Last year in 2020 it was 93.6% admission rate which is very high. “I actually am going to apply to APU” Stated, Ashlee Molina, senior.

The address of APU is 901 E Alosta Ave, Azusa, CA 91702. The priority deadline is Feb 15 and the final deadline is June 1. This means that there’s only a few months left before they stop accepting applications. APU has a set of 4 application requirements. “APU seems like a place I would like to apply to but I’m still deciding” Stated Elijah Stewart, senior.

If you students are not sure if this is the school you want to apply to you should still apply. Applying does not mean that it is the final decision. You should apply to many schools and after the results if you got accepted or denied you should make your decision on the one final school. Having many options is always better than having one. “ I have already applied to many schools and APU was one of them” Stated Roger Karam, senior. The deadlines are nearing and it is smart to get those done as early as possible. When you apply you should know all the details so doing research would be best. If this is what you decide, wish you best of luck.