Inside Scoop on the ALHS Fall Play Superhero Ultraferno!


Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

As the weather gets colder the Fall school play finally comes back to Alta Loma High School. Due to the pandemic, the school was unfortunately not able to put on a show this year but they could wow you this year! The name of the show this year is called Superhero Inferno and premiered at Alta Loma High School on November 17-20th at 7pm.

The theme of the play is heavily revolving superheroes which is very different from the themes that have been done in the years past. Before the play can come alive there are months in preparation behind it including brainstorming and figuring out which students can play which part. The play this year is promised to be satire and comical poking fun at some of your favorite superheroes!

When asked how this play was chosen to perform Ashley Martin, drama teacher at ALHS and director of the play said, “ In the beginning of the school year, early September we actually had an information meeting. I pitched three different shows and this is the one students voted for. Anyone could go to the meeting but it was mainly students who work backstage or were planning on auditioning.”

Mrs Martin expressed concerns over coming back to school after the pandemic and how that adjustment would effect the production of the play. The heaviness that many experienced last year when the pandemic overtook our daily lives put a hold on everything especially the art of collaboration which is essential to a play’s production. To ease the students back into the school setting she decided that every play she pitched to the students had a light, comical, and satire background so the main priority for the students was to have fun and laugh their way through auditions, rehearsals, and finally showtime.

When asked about the audition process Mrs Martin shared that, “Every show is a little bit different, but the way we do it usually is we give everyone auditioning in the show monologues, which is a one person scene, they can memorize it and they perform it in front of myself. Usually 2 to 3 other judges are their so this year it was our Assistant director, Mr Woodward, Mrs Forth our choir director, and our technical director Cathy Nebrass. We’re the only ones in the room when they audition with their monologue an we then decide who would be best for each role based on what they presented. We then do whats called callbacks so if 30 kids auditioned we’ll callback 15 of those kids and have them run different scenes together. For instance two kids will go up and do a batman and robin scene and then we’ll switch their lines just to test for chemistry and see what the students are comfortable with.”

When asked if they are excited most for this play many of the cast members said its promised to be a fun lighthearted show that anyone can watch and laugh at. Just as its fun to play the magic comes alive when you see others laughing with you!