Family Meeting Headed by Alta Loma High School Principle Mr. Kaylor!


Photo By Savannah Warasky

Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

Mr. Kaylor the Principal here at Alta Loma High School presented to the juniors last Wednesday in the auditorium. He talked about how they can be better and do better. He talked about the various challenges that went around such as devious licks and how they got out of hand. 

This meeting was only for juniors and mostly targeted their behavior. Mr. Kaylor talked about how the juniors were acting more like freshmen and how they need to act more mature and they need to be the ones to set an example since they are upperclassmen. He also talked about how they need to treat the staff here at Alta Loma with more respect. Since there also was a challenge that was supposed to go around after devious licks about being disrespectful to the teachers and staff here at Alta Loma. Despite what the kids say it is a big problem. Students come in late on their phones and it is really disrespectful to the teachers. When they are trying to teach and students are disrespectful and start interrupting. So that’s why the meeting was held. 

Even though the assembly was for juniors, most students here could have learned from it. “The assembly was informative but I don’t really know if everyone was really paying attention.” ( Brooklyn Metzler; junior) That is why sometimes assemblies don’t really get through to students. They need something more than to just sit there and listen because students tend to get distracted a lot or just drift off and not really listen. 

Hopefully that this had as big of an impact that the staff here at Alta Loma High School wanted it to have on these juniors. All of those kids in the auditorium sat there and listened and hopefully they did learn something.