3D Clothes is the Future of Fashion


Courtesy of cgtrader.com

The ability to download, print, and recycle clothes is the future of the fashion industry.  Although it sounds impossible, a possession of a 3D printer will make this become a reality for many.  When people want something to wear they will simply print it out with their printer.  On the other hand, when they no longer want to wear the outfit they created, they can get rid of it with the help of their printer.  

Clearly, this process will not only contribute to people being able to develop a more personal style, but also help create a more sustainable environment.  Muhammed Shahdat, a professor at New York Fashion Institute of Technology claimed, “Throw-away culture is deeply rooted in the fashion industry.”  According to Shahadat, a 3D printer can be how people shop and recycle.  

In addition to decreasing the amount of material wasted, 3D printing will reduce the plethora of animals killed to make certain articles of clothing such as fur coats.  According to the food and agricultural department of the U.N., 59 million animals were killed in the U.S.  Also, with 3D printing the fashion industry’s negative influence on farmland and wildlife should no longer be an issue.  Based on a study conducted by WorldBank, to make a pair of jeans it takes 3, 781 liters of water. 

¨I would love to see a world where we can express ourselves through fashion but be sustainable at the same time¨stated Chris Apablaza, Sophomore.

At the moment, 3D printers are available to purchase.  However, they cost thousands of dollars and are only easy to manage by those who are completely tech-savvy.  Additionally, the plastic used in 3D printing has proven to be toxic to ocean animals.  But, there is still hope that in the near future 3D printing will use recycled substances that are shredded and melted at home.  Rather than going to shopping malls and purchasing clothes, people may start to download files from retailer’s apps and print out clothing articles from the comfort of their own home.  

¨Clothes made from 3D printing seems really cool¨stated Alyssa Neave, Sophomore.

One brand that has almost accomplished this so far is ZER, a brand based in Spain.  So far, Zer has made 3D printed pullovers, bottoms, and dresses.