New Years Resolutions are Great; People are Not


Photo courtesy of The New Yorker

Javier Arredondo, Editor

New year’s resolutions are a fantastic idea; however, people ruin them. It’s the same old story every year, people set a goal: lose 20 lbs, gain 20 lbs, diet, exercise more, etc. However, many people are terrible at keeping these resolutions. They will go at it for a month or 2, then quit. This happens every year in America. Many people are not strong willed at all so will just give up on their goal before they hit the mark they want to. The idea of new year’s resolutions are great, setting goals to make yourself an overall better person, physically or mentally. 

    There are many options on what people can do to better themselves in the new year. Working out more is the main idea of what a good new year’s resolution looks like, to physically better yourself. You can join a gym and purchase a membership, or buy equipment and work out at home. That may not even be necessary, as a daily dog walk or run could do the trick to keep you physically fit. Working out is not the only thing a new year’s resolution could be; it could also be another type of personal goal. Get good grades, make a certain amount of money this year, etc. All people need is willpower, and this is something many lack. 

The problem with that is many people are not strong willed enough to maintain their workout routine. There are ways to keep yourself motivated to reach your goal; a playlist that hypes you up, a goal tracker or planner, or a person to motivate/hold you accountable. Then again, many people only like the idea of new year’s resolutions but never care to maintain their goals.