Chinese Officials Accused of Massive Crimes by Citizens


Chloe M. Liles, Staff Writer

On Jan. 4, the Uyghur people in Turkey filed criminal complaints that accused over 100 Chinese officials of committing genocide, torture, rape, and crimes against humanity. The group that filed the complaints were relatives of people who disappeared or were detained.

It is believed China has put almost two million Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities in detention camps in Xinjiang. The government explained that they are vocational training centers and have denied any widespread allegations that the people have been abused or mistreated, according to

It is said that China has committed these “crimes against humanity since at least March 2017,” disclosed The State Department.

Thousands of Uighur people reside in Turkey, making it the largest diaspora in Central Asia for the Uyghur people. Unfortunately, China and Turkey have strong political and economic ties, so members of the group who reported their complaints fear that Turkey’s Ministry of Justice will not respond to their complaints.

“The Turkish judiciary has a duty to initiate a legal process involving at least Turkish citizens detained in China,” said Gülden Sönmez, a human rights advocate.

In addition, according to, the Chinese and Turkish governments ratified an extradition treaty in December of 2020. The treaty is said to be an anti-terrorism measure, but critics think it’s a way for China to target exiles. Many people have criticized the treaty and state that the government is overlooking the rights of the Uighur people in favor of their interests with China.

In December, an independent people’s tribunal called the Uighur Tribunal announced that China has committed genocide and crimes against ethnic minorities and the Uighur people, as illustrated by In response to the allegations, the Uyghur people have been preparing lawsuits in Argentina and the United Kingdom.