The History and Future of the Nike Blazer

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

In 1973, in Portland, Oregon Nike cofounder’s Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman revealed the third shoe as a part of the Nike Sportswear collection.  The Nike Blazer, a performance basketball shoe, named after the Portland Trailblazers instantly became a success.  

Today, the Nike Blazer still is a popular accessory of streetwear style, worn by basketball players, lazy dressers, and fashion lovers.  These shoes first became well-known when basketball player George “The Iceman” Gervin wore them during a game.  Then, when basketball players started to wear more complex styles of shoes, the Nike Blazers were worn by almost everyone ranging from street artists to skaters.  

¨Even though I do not own a pair, I think the Nike Blazers look really cool” stated Isabel Gibboney, Sophomore.

The Nike Blazer is available in low, mid, and high top.  Low-cut blazers consist of a white synthetic and leather upper with a rubber toe cap.  It also contains foam cushioning that provides comfort, and full-length herringbone outsole pods are below the forefoot which offers flexibility and traction.  

¨I like the look of Nike Blazers” stated Zoey Allen, Sophomore.

Mid-cut blazers feature a suede upper, with exposed needlework and old-school branding.  High-top blazers are built with ankle stability and feature vintage suede overlays with leather and double stitching. 

The Blazer is made in many different colors such as white, gray, blue, and black.  Normally, the Blazer costs $100.