Five Night’s at Freddy’s Security Breach


Courtesy of Steam

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

On December 16, 2021; the Five Nights at Freddy’s fandom was resurrected. With the franchise’s newest release, Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, many took to social media posting their gameplays, fan art, memes, and opinions of the game. The game revolves around a young boy named Gregory, who decided to stay in the Pizza Plex after it closed early due to a malfunctioning Freddy Fazbear.

Although the theme and concept are basically the same as other FNAF games, running away from the animatronics that come to life, the game itself is completely different. For starters, the animatronics all got a new look. Recurring characters in the game include Freddy of course, Chica, Vanny, and Burntrap (which is a withered mix of Spring Trap and Scraptrap, yet still contains William Afton).

Freddy still has his bear-like figure and top hat; however, he has been given a 70’s/80’s rock kind of look, with some blue paint and earrings being added to his character. Chica has had a complete makeover, now being called “Glamrock Chica”. She’s now a white chicken with pink metal plates (representing pink clothing). Her beak and feet are orange, and leg warmers have been added to her legs, as well as some green triangle earrings, and a pink bow holding some stray pieces of “hair” together. Her figure has also been given some curves similar to Toy Chica. The rest of the “band”, Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator, all have 70s/80s rock vibes as well.

Two completely new characters added to this game are Sun and Moon, which most FNaF followers absolutely adore. Technically, they are the same animation, however they have a Jekyll and Hyde kind of relationship. They are the daycare attendant at the Pizza Plex’s daycare for little kids. Sun comes out when there is light, and he’s a fun, funny, and friendly animatronic who wants to make crafts with glitter glue and play. On the other hand, Moon is a very freaky looking bot who comes out in the dark. He believes that “bad children” should be punished and chases the main character after the lights go off.

Another major change seen in this game is that Freddy Fazbear is on your side and tries to help you, while the others are trying desperately to get you. Throughout the game you could climb into Freddy’s stomach and control the animatronic yourself. While inside of him, other bots cannot find you, however, there is a limit to this privilege. Once Freddy loses battery, he needs to be charged and you no longer have his assistance until he is done.

Many have complained that Security Breach is so different from the original FNaF games that it takes away from it. Jump scares in this new game are anticipated by a change in background music and warnings from security/janitorial bots. The bots are also much more lifelike and colorful, making the game more like a pretty nightmare rather than horrifying. Despite this, bits and pieces from previous games have been incorporated into this one. Hiding, seen in FNaF 2, is introduced. The character can hide in places such as lockers, towel carts, photo booths, etc. Another is disassembling animatronics, as seen in FNaF: Sister’s Location, to help fix Freddy.

Overall, the game is a new experiment on the FNaF franchise and has its positives and negatives. There are six different endings to the game, with one being called the “canon” ending. Its rating on Metacritic is a 5.9, which is the lowest rating a FNaF game has ever had.