Girls Water Polo

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Luke Winters, Staff Writer

In December 2021, the Alta Loma High School Girls’ Water Polo 2021-2022 season made its debut. It will be taking place during the school districts’ 2nd sports season, the Spring Sports Season. In the previous season, the Winter Sports Season, the boys’ water polo team was able to go all the way and win CIF. The girls’ team now has a lot to live up to following the boys’ performance.

    “It’s definitely a hard act to follow because we are definitely at a way lower level than the boys are. It pushes us to keep working hard and improve on our own,” said Giovanna Quiroz, Alta Loma High School girls’ water polo varsity athlete.

   The athletes on the team are divided up into varsity and junior varsity, similarly to most other high school sports that Alta Loma participates in. The team consists of about twenty-five girls. Of those twenty-five, fourteen of them made the varsity team and eleven made the team junior varsity team. This is interesting and different from most sports teams because usually less members of the team have the skill set necessary to make the varsity team than those who do.

    The season has already begun and several games have already taken place. A total of ten games have been played, including the team’s pre-season. As of now varsity has only won a total of four games, but they continue to improve as individuals and as a team. The other teams have been similarly skilled to the Alta Loma team, so it has been a definite challenge for them.

    “The team had a rough start, but we’re continuing to get better with each game and continue to get more wins as we go,” said Quiroz.