Covid Variants Have Emerged from All Around The World

Covid Variants Have Emerged from All Around The World

Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

New COVID variants are appearing all over the world, spreading especially in America and our schools. Omicron, Delta, Deltacron, and Flurona are some of the bigger ones affecting America and its schools currently.

Omicron specifically is taking a toll on American schools, which are doing everything they can to keep from shutting down. This variant is especially contagious, making it appear to be of more concern than even the Delta variant which had been worrisome earlier in 2021.

“I feel like it’s literally all the same, just more variants coming in,” commented Alisha Cho, junior.

Cho’s comment reflects the feelings of plenty of students on campus, everyone wants to be safe but is tired of having to take so many precautions to do so.

“Get vaccinated, I’m tired of this,” said Cassandra Oseguera, junior.

Rapid COVID tests amid Omicron are proving difficult to find while the country is debating over the extent to which to shut down again and take preventative measures. Vaccinations and boosters are all still deemed to be effective against the newest variants, including Omicron. However, it is possible that the vaccines are not quite as effective as is ideal on newer strains.

There is still little known about a lot of these variants, and they cannot be attributed to just one thing. Viruses mutate whenever they can and as much as they can to keep themselves thriving within humans, and the Coronavirus is doing just that. Some of the protocols that were effective against old variants do not work and some do.