The Latest Movie Release, 355

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Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The 355 as of January 11, 2022, the IMDb rating is at 4.7 and with Rotten Tomatoes at 25%. For the opening weekends in the US and Canada, they made $4,621,765 on January 9, 2022.

The storyline is that a top-secret weapon falls into the wrong hands and a CIA agent and a German agent said to be rivals teamed together to get it back, will they forge a tremendous loyalty or be killed.  The motion picture rating is PG-13 and the movie’s playtime is about two hours and two minutes.

The movie was released on the seventh of January, in English and Romanian. And the actors range from Jessica Chastain with hit movies such as The Help and all the way to Sebastian Stan with hit movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“Not to mention that this story is so convoluted, yet so derivative and boring. I actually zoned out several times because the movie does nothing unexpected. Every scene plays out how you think it will, because it lifts every plot point and set piece from a different, better movie,” benjaminskylerhill stated in the top rating on IMDb user reviews with a rating of two out of ten stars.

“Its dullness somehow feels worse than grand failure, as though its aims were only to prove that a bunch of the most famous women on Earth can come together to make an action film just as uninspired and boring as men can,”  Alison Willmore, New York Magazine/Vulture a top critic on Rotten Tomatoes stated.

As this movie goes on maybe it will get a better reputation but as of right now fans are not happy with the producer and how the movie turned out.