Covid Variants Continue to Threaten School Safety

Covid Variants Continue to Threaten School Safety

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

In an ongoing almost 3 year battle against Covid-19 the Alta Loma HS administration has always tried its best to keep the students overall health a priority. As the disease had seemed to settle before 1st semester last year all seemed well to return to in person instruction. Now in the second semester after the holidays and as the colder weather has begun new variants, stronger than the previous have hit the nation. 

The variant in particular that has recently risen is called Omicron and has seen an outstanding number of cases reported. The question at hand is whether or not the school should return to online instruction or stay in person despite the overwhelming number of absences and spread of infection. 

Serenity Joye, a junior at Alta Loma HS says “I feel like they should have a vaccine mandate to prohibit students that are at risk of spreading it easily to keep the school safe. Covid-19 is gonna be around for years and we have vaccines now so it’s really just up to others if they wanna choose to protect themselves and others” 

At the beginning of the pandemic when school first went on online instruction there were no options to protect students like there are now. Quarantine is no longer a reality that has to be adhered to as you now have the option to better protect yourself. Some students may have their own reasons for choosing not to be vaccinated. 

Riley Franco, a senior at Alta Loma HS has said “I feel like if you choose not to be vaccinated then your choosing to risk it, and other students shouldn’t be punished for that decision. Either have a vaccine mandate or just allow everyone to attend.” 

As this pandemic continues to change, the school district will continue to adapt. Students health has and will always be a top priority.