Is School Starting at a Later Time More Beneficial?


Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

School start times range from 7 am to 9 am nationwide. Recently Alta Loma HS has adopted an 8:30 am start time to better the quality of sleep students receive. The hopeful outcome of this decision is to allow students to be well rested enough to better focus on their responsibilities in school. The reactions from this change have been all around positive by students and teachers alike. 

Alexi Escobar, a senior at ALHS says she “1000% supports this move as it allows students to have more energy in their brains to perform better academically. It also creates a more harmonious atmosphere in school socially as everyone is all around in a better mood.” 

This has been proven as the University of Washington writes “Our genes and external cues from the environment, such as sunlight, combine to create and maintain this steady hum of activity. But the onset of puberty lengthens the circadian cycle in adolescents and also decreases the rhythm’s sensitivity to light in the morning. These changes cause teens to fall asleep later each night and wake up later each morning relative to most children and adults.” 

Dylan O’neill, a junior at ALHS commented that “I have so much more time and actually can eat breakfast and not feel like my morning is rushed to get to school, while also being half asleep.” 

Not only are students able to be more awake and productive but they are able to eat nutritiously which aids they’re brains. In a place of education it’s not only important to properly educate but to make sure students are in their best state of understanding. 

Mr Kevin Dempsey, and english teacher at ALHS said “I have kids too and I can really see the benefit of that extra hour of sleep with them and with my students in the classroom. The schedule change didn’t take away from my curriculum at all, so i’m all for it!” 

Seeing all positive responses to the schedule change makes it apparent that it was the right decision on behalf of the district. Enjoy your sleep so that you can enjoy your day!