Baseball tryouts


Photo by Jesse Jimenez

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

The season for Alta Loma Baseball is coming. The 21-22 season will be a really good one and students/ staff members are confident in the team going far in State. Tryouts will be available for anybody looking to join the team and make the team as best as it can possibly be. Tryouts will be held in the baseball fields of Alta Loma High School and will be held next month in February.

“I am excited for the new season and hope to make the team,” stated Sophomore David Jimenez.

The baseball team has been unsuccessful in bringing home the trophy for the past years. This season the team is looking to break that period of time with no trophies and being one home to Alta Loma this season.

“I have a feeling that the team this year will be really good and I hope that we can go and bring the trophy back home,” said Sophomore David Jimenez.

Do not be hesitant on trying out because you’ll never know the outcome. If you feel like you are not the best at baseball or you wont make the team, you should still try out and have no shame because the students at Alta Loma will not shame you based on your skill. The coach is also very thoughtful and will make you feel like you did your best. The baseball games are also really fun to attend and watch and when the season starts it is highly suggested to attend a few games.