Basketball Season

Photo by Jesse Jimenez

Photo by Jesse Jimenez

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma high school basketball season has begun and they have been off to a great start. They have played at home and away and have won multiple games on home court and on the opposing teams court. This varsity team has a record above .500 and is looking to move forward to the playoffs. 

¨ We are doing good this season and I hope we can keep this up during the playoffs,¨ stated Senior Dirk McCoy.

The team this year is said to be good due to the strategies and effort that this team is putting in this season. The next home game for varsity is Friday, January 21st. 

¨Anybody reading this you should come out and watch us play it will be worth your time, come and support,¨ said Senior Brandon Moore.

They will be facing off against Glendora. The other teams of Alta Loma including the girls, freshmen, and junior varsity will also be playing this day. These teams are all looking for the win and will do their best to achieve this. 

¨ The playoffs are coming up and I can’t wait to go out there and try our best to bring home a trophy,¨ Moore said.

The playoffs are coming soon in the month of February. Hope to see all of these squads competing for the trophy. Alta Loma students come out and support your teams as they work towards winning the championship later on in the season and they will need all of your support in order to be able to as well as possible.