Brave Academy Program at Alta Loma High School Recognized for it’s Success!


Photo by Alexi Escobar

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

The 3rd period Brave Academy program has been recognized by the district as an essential and beneficial part of the school. Alta Loma understands how challenging it can be to transition from middle school to high school and how intimidating a new environment can be. Now more than ever is this apparent as students manage a transition from a year and a half in online schooling to in person schooling, since the Covid-19 virus has emerged.

The Brave Academy period uses a series of exercises to help students become more comfortable and open them up to the high school environment. The classes are headed by link crew leaders who consist of juniors and seniors. With the experience they have they can help students with their struggles more closely than a teacher could which is part of what makes the program so successful.

“It has been proven that the outcome of your freshman year is a major deciding factor in whether or not you graduate, so it’s important to help the students in any way they need whether that’s academically, or socially. ̈ says Mr. Veal, an administrator who helps organize the program.

The seniors and juniors who work one on one with the freshman are taught the lessons a week in advance and given a full simulation of what the exercise looks like. They are given all the proper tools and taught conversational skills to help them if they are ever talking to a student about a delicate situation. This period is not only to help students have time for homework but also with any personal issues they may be experiencing.

“I remember when I was a freshman I was so intimidated and scared by the older students so building a friendship and mentorship with my link crew leaders helped a lot. Its a big part of why I wanted to be a link crew leader too. ̈ says senior Alexi Escobar, a link crew leader.

Knowing the impact this program really makes, makes it clear that the recognition has been deserved. From the administrators, to the link crew, to the students themselves the program has been an amazing addition to the ALHS community.