How Your Clothes Change from Youth to Old Age!

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Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

When you walk down the street you can see people of all different ages and how their clothing choices can change as they age based on circumstances of life. Clothing is one of the most versatile forms of expression. For however long people have owned clothing they have changed their wardrobe based on their environment and physical appearance to portray themselves to society.

“You may have been born with dark hair, then it all fell out and grew back blonde, then as you went through your teenage years it got darker and then in your 40s or 50s it started to go grey…Along with these changes, come accompanying pigment changes in skin and eyes. Skin becomes less clear, a little more muted, and eyes lose some pigment and go from brighter to softer…This is why as you age the colors that suit are softer than the ones that flattered you in your youth. The warmth in skin often starts disappearing and some people move from warm to cool palettes with age.” writes Imogen Lambert in “The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style” on her blog,

Your physical appearance is enhanced by what suits you and you may discover that as versatile as looks can be so can your clothing choices to accompany become. Between the ages 14-25 your style can drastically change and become much more bold and mature. From the ages of 35-50 your style then changes again as your body changes once again and you might find yourself choosing the comfortable sweater over the flashy crop top.

“I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable now at my age wearing the clothes I wore as a kid. I’ve outgrown those clothes and not just physically!” says Mr. Dempsey, an administrator at Alta Loma High School.

Your relationship with clothes is constantly evolving and hopefully in the future you can look back and either thank god you chose to make a change or bask in your past.