Taco Bell Wings


Photo courtesy of TheMercuryNews.com

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

Taco Bell has officially released crispy chicken wings into their menu. These were added January 6 and were newly introduced for the 2022 new year. “ The wings, which come five to an order for $5.99, are coated in a Mexican queso seasoning and served alongside a zesty ranch dipping sauce. And of course, they are all crisped up to perfection.” stated by Taco bell. This was a limited time offer that has unfortunately expired. 

“I never tried the Taco Bell wings but I was always hesitant because wigs at a Taco Bell don’t sound appealing,”  said David Jimenez.

A lot of students and people in general decided not to taste these wings because they were worried about what was in the wings.

“I tried the wings and honestly they were really good and I wish they never took them out the menu,” said Senior Roger Karam

Not everybody disliked the wings but it was a matter of who was willing to try and how you felt about them. These wings had 750 calories and 65% of them were from fat. If these wings end up ever coming back more people are likely to go and try because the reviews about the wings are not bad.

“Man, they discontinued the wings so fast I wasn’t able to try them. I hope they bring them back so that I can give them a taste because I love taste testing wings at different locations and making reviews.” Elijah Stewart, senior.