Kingsball Theme Has Finally Been Announced!


Photo Courtesy of @alhs_braves on Instagram

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

Kingsball is coming up quickly at the end of the month, following our rally and Powderpuff game. Kingsball is the opposite of homecoming where our male student body can run for Kingsball King, countering our Homecoming Queen. On January 21st, ASB revealed the Kingsball theme, “California Dreamin’ ”.

Along the wall of the gym were several “hints” were hung up so the student body could guess the theme. A few items included a brown bear, the Hollywood sign, a surfboard, and cacti. Many thought that it would be “Hollywood” themed, while others though it would be “Western” or “Beach” themed. It was revealed at both lunches when a group of ASB students went walking down the main quad with music blasting. They lined up in two rows and held up sunset patterned signs that spelled out “California Dreamin’ “.

Though many students have complained about the theme saying it’s pointless and lazy considering we live in southern California and that there is no real theme, some ASB students argue that it’s hard to come up with ideas. “We actually ask the student body what themes they’d like to see, one way we do that is through our polls on Instagram,” says Rally Commissioner, Delainey Molano.

According to Molano, there were a couple different themes that were repeatedly suggested, but “California Dreamin’ “ was the one that prevailed. Ultimately, the theme was chosen because of how iconic everything about it is. Our ASB members were inspired by all the different things California has to offer, and have wrapped it up into one theme. “Working on this project has made me appreciate our state more, and all the attractions that I don’t normally notice,” says Molano.

Kingsball is on February 26th from 7-11pm, tickets go for $25 per person with an ASB card and $30 without.