Single Awareness Day

Courtesy of Holidays Calendars

Courtesy of Holidays Calendars

Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

Every year on February 15th, the unofficial holiday Single Awareness Day is celebrated among single people around the world.  One day before Single Awareness Day is the infamous holiday, Valentines Day, a day made exclusively for those who are married or in a committed relationship.  Single Awareness Day was born for those that are hateful towards Valentines Day since it mocks those who are not in a relationship.  

This day was first born in 2001, when high school student Dustin Barnes created a day for him and his friends to appreciate their single status instead of being sad about it.  They chose February 15 as the official day of protesting Valentines Day.  This celebration followed the group of boys into college, where the holiday grew even more popular.  

The United Kingdom has two days out of the year dedicated to those with a single status.  Due to the fact SAD is a potential acronym for Single Awareness Day, a group of dating experts created National Singles Day to implement the idea into others that one does not need to be in a relationship to live a fulfilling life.  National Singles Day is celebrated on March 11.  

The hashtag, #Single Awareness Day on Instagram has 44,460 posts.  In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 106 million single people, which is about 44% of the adult population.    Many of the posts with these hashtags are sarcastic memes, people going to dinner by themselves, shopping alone, or watching Netflix.