Mother Mother’s New Album, Inside

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Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

On January 28th the rock band, Mother Mother, released the much-anticipated album “Inside.” The album is a depiction of passion and overwhelming emotions that match the equally chaotic world.

Mother Mother is an indie rock band that is most known for their songs “Hayloft” and “Verbatim.” The band has been around for over a decade and have released seven albums and several singles. Their songs incorporate keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and theatrical harmonies to make the songs addictive and catchy.

The songs in the album each talk about the intense emotions that people often experience, including love, longing, and anger. Many of the songs have a heavy punk tone, with repetitive and heavy beats and fast tempos. Their most famous song in the album is “Hayloft II” which is supposed to be a continuation of their past song “Hayloft.” The beat is infectious and spine chilling, making it impossible to not listen to. Another song that must be mentioned is “Weep” that features slow acoustics and counters it with fast-paced bass and drums.

“My favorite song is ‘Sick of the Silence’ because of the lyrics and the meaning behind them,” stated Elizabeth Hansen, a senior.

Interestingly, the band counteracts the loud music and heavy themes with much quieter songs, featuring beautiful vocals and harmonies with soft, sweet music. The song “I Got Love” is about how the band members always have their friends and family, no matter how miserable they are. There are also the songs “Turpentine” and “Conversation” with haunting vocals and hushed guitar.

The album seems to have a running theme of loud noises that people hear daily. For example, the song “Seven” features train noises, sirens, and vocals that overlap that create a sort of tumultuous siren song. It likely represents the dissension within the real world during a pandemic and the constant threat of conflict. The noises seem to match the immense emotions that the songs describe, showing that the chaos in the world is reflected in the subconscious.

“I could never write this record again, maybe not unless there was another pandemic, like it was really a by-product of the time which gives sentiment to the songs,” stated the guitarist, Ryan Guldemond.