The King’s Ball Theme “California Dreamin'” is Bad

Picture taken by Ryan Van Veldhuizen

Picture taken by Ryan Van Veldhuizen

Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Editor

This year’s King’s Ball theme titled “California Dreamin’” is probably one of the worst choices that ASB could have made. It’s unoriginal and cliche to have a theme based around the place that we live in.

The school is in California so why would they choose the theme of the place we live in. There are so many other options that are available and original that make sense. How is an entire state supposed to be something revolving around a dance?

 How are they going to make the decorations when there are so many different regions and areas in such a big state? It will seem like there are five separate themes going on all at once. Along with the challenge of finding an outfit that will go with the theme; people will have to go with one aspect of the theme and again there will be chaos without a decisive look when at the dance.

“The reason I don’t like the theme is we live in California, how are we supposed to have a theme where we live. It also romanticizes a place that isn’t that romantic,” stated Emma Mc Nabb, Junior.

“I feel it’s just generic and cliche, it’s not standing out or unique… I was expecting something better,” stated Alisha Cho, Junior.

Shouldn’t we be past the stereotypical themes of California that are barely even true as well? The California-based movies that have shaped how this state is seen don’t reflect the people who are in the school. There are so many other states that have oceans and mountains, we’re not original, just big.