Boys Tennis Season


Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

Girls’ tennis season has recently ended, and boys’ tennis season will soon start. On February 16, the season will officially start with a match against Etiwanda.

After this first match, they will then play another three matches this month on the 22nd and two on the 24th. After a couple more matches take place, the first league match will be on the 15 of March. This game will be played against Glendora.

“Tennis is a very enjoyable sport. Everyone on the JV and Varsity team gets along pretty well. On most days we do practice drills but once or twice a week we get opportunities to challenge each other for higher spots on the team,” stated Joseph Quiroz, a player on the Alta Loma Boy’s Tennis Team this year.

 Other schools in the same league as Alta Loma include Bonita, Claremont, Colony, and Ayala. Alta Loma will be playing a total of ten league matches this year against these teams. The last match will take place on April 21. This will be against Bonita, wrapping up tennis for the school year. It is sure to be an exciting season.

“Tennis is all about honesty. Unlike other sports, there is no referee. It is up to the players to call a shot in or out. I think this aspect makes the community a lot more honorable, and I have a lot of fun playing it,” stated Quiroz when asked more about his experience on the tennis team.