The Powder Puff Game Is On!


The game will take place at UHalley Stadium

Javier Arredondo, Editor

On Friday February 25th, at 7 pm, Alta Loma High School will host the annual Powder Puff game. This is a football game where the roles are reversed: girls playing, boys cheerleading. The game is a flag football match, and is played between ALHS’s juniors and seniors. It will take place at UHalley stadium, and students are encouraged to come out to the game. Student sections will be in the bleachers, with designated spots for juniors and seniors. While there will be student sections for the 2 grade levels, all students at ALHS are welcome. Boys cheerleading practice has already begun, and to be a cheerleader all you need to do is sign up. For the girls to play, they need to have a medical release from their doctor as well as pay a 20$ fee for the jersey. Their practices have begun as well. The junior girls will wear a pink jersey with black numbers and the ALHS logo on them. The senior girls will be wearing a black jersey with pink numbers and the ALHS logo on them as well. 

“We are actually pretty good, the girls are super funny and we all get along well,” said Sara Parmental, who is playing on the juniors team. “With a little practice I think we’ll be good.” She also gave her prediction for the game. “I think if we put our mind to it we can win for sure, but it’ll be a good game.”

The atmosphere is always similar to when the varsity team has their Friday night games, so it will be a fun game for students to attend.