Which are Better, Blue or Black Masks?


Jesse Jimenez Norie, Staff Writer

Blue and black masks are some of the most popular masks that are worn. Some people decide which is better and which they would rather wear. People believe that one of these masks is better than the other. Research by professor Cihan Cobanoglu has concluded that the safer option to wear is the black mask. According to his research  black masks make you appear slightly safer and more attractive. 

“ The black masks are better in my opinion and I always wear them instead of the blue masks because I feel more resistant to Covid with it.” Ashlee Molina, Senior.

This goes to show that even some students at Alta Loma believe that black is better then the blue masks. However, this is not the case for all students and some believe that it does not matter what type of masks you wear.

“ I don’t think there is a difference between black masks and blue masks except the colors so I don’t care which one I wear.” Roger Karam, Senior.

After a few surveys, it’s concluded that the black masks are in fact more popular, but not necessarily because they are better. Students at Alta Loma believe the reason they wear and others wear the black masks instead of the blue masks is simply because it looks cooler and matches outfits. This is a good example of how our instincts around different products are not in line with efficacy. There is no real advantage if the black masks except maybe there is a better fit for you. Choose whichever masks you like better and stay safe.