Swim Team Tryouts


Photo by Charlotte Winters

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

As other aquatic sports come to an end Swim tryouts and the swim team has been formed. Over the past few weeks on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30-4:30 they have been hosting tryouts at the Alta Loma pool.

Swimming is a sport that is mostly angst your self. You are trying to beat your record time in the swim set you are doing/the stroke you are doing.

Coach Kristin Rodriguez has left the swim tryouts to assistant head Coach Natalie Rivas, as she is unable to do so right now. Rivas had been putting the swimmers through different drills to test where there their strong suit is.

If the swimmer wanted to try out they needed to bring swimsuit goggles, a towel, and to get athletic clearance from the school trainer. If they did not have athletic clearance then they could not try out.

“I’m excited to see the dedication of the swimmers because practices will be in the morning before school. Swimmers will learn important skills like time management,” stated head assistant Coach Natalie Rivas.

All the people that are trying out all need to know is how to swim and the different strokes but if students want to be eligible for varsity it is best that they have had past experiences swimming on a swim team. The students don’t need to know how to flip turn or dive to try out.

“Of course, I am sad that polo season ended, but at least we will still have some type of team bonding during swim season” stated Samantha Passwater two team year water polo and swim athlete stated in regard to how they feel about the swim season.

The team’s practice will be at Los Osos high school due to the Alta Loma pool being under construction because of them getting a scoreboard. It will likely be held there all of the swim season.

Good luck to the Alta Loma swim team and all of the swimmers in their season. Go Braves Go!