How King’s Ball is Set Up


Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

For the start of the new year means another dance, King’s Ball. It’s going to take place at the school on February 26, 2022. The theme is California Dreamin’ and it’s casual which means people will wear what they usually wear to school, but more beach-themed.

Before the actual dance itself first comes the powder puff game and the King’s Ball rally. For the rally ASB tries to keep it “as much student-based as possible” (Sam Gesel; Senior). The band “No Bling” will also be playing, they are well known at the school and very popular. There will also be other performances by students at the rally.

For powder puff, the game will take place on February 25 and its Juniors vs Seniors. ASB like always came up with the theme and is setting up the rally and the powder puff. The whole entire ASB here at Alta Loma has been putting so much effort into King’s Ball. Nominations are already being cast to see who will be king and queen. “Its really a group effort to pick the theme and we always try to come up with something relevant” (Sam Gensel; Senior).

The King’s Ball also known as the Sadie Hawkins dance is where the girls ask the guys. The proposals are already happening ever since the theme got announced. The theme got announced a couple of weeks ago. The drumline came out just like the homecoming theme reveal. They started selling the tickets this Monday and will go up until King’s Ball.