The Most Trendiest Hairstyle, Curtain Bangs

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Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

One of the biggest trends of 2020 that has kept its curtain bangs. It’s a way to cut bangs
that are not straight and can shape your face. Another trend was the middle part and these work
perfectly with it. There long and really low maintenance so that’s what drew people in.

It all started on tik tok mid-quarantine when hair salons were closed down and people
needed a change. People all over were impulsively cutting their hair and this just happened to
be the trend. You still see this trend all over the celebrity world in Gabrielle Union, Hillary Duff,
Kacey Musgraves, Halle Berry, Gigi Hadid, Elizabeth Olsen, and Katy Perry. Even though for us
this trend started in 2020 it actually started in the ’60s and ’70s. You could see them on actors
such as Goldie Han and Brigette Bardot. This truly is the trend and hairstyle that never really
went out of style.

The reason why the trend continues is because they are so easy and stylish. It’s an
in-between if you want bangs but not too heavy and you don’t want to cut to much hair. They
are long and tapper into your face and work with super long or short hair.
Curtain bangs also work with many different haircuts. Wolf cuts were really big in 2021
and you can see it on celebrities such as Billie Eilish. But not just short long and wolf cuts any
hairstyle you have will work.