How Track is Run


Courtesy of UH Cougars

Luke Winters, Staff Writer

Earlier this school year, right after students returned back to school from winter break, ALHS Track and Field’s 2022 season commenced. Around fifty or so athletes came to participate, with more new runners joining every week. The Alta Loma Track and Field team can be broken up into three main categories, these being sprints, distance, and field events. In sprints, speed is the key as runners will participate in shorter distance events such as the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, and 800 meter.

“Sprints is sort of difficult, but it makes us stronger. The workouts are meant for us to feel sore to prove we worked our bodies hard,” said Annya Rodriguez, athlete on the Alta Loma girls sprint team.

Sprints are the most popular division of track, having most of the teams members. They face a hard training regiment under the newly recruited sprints coaches, including hill sprints and intervals on the track. The other group of running athletes is distance, who run, as would be expected, the longer races. These mainly consist of the one mile and the two mile.

“I chose to do distance because I’m faster as a long distance runner and I’d do better in long distance. If I did sprints I’d get smoked,” said Diego King, freshman distance runner on the ALHS Track team.

And last but certainly not least, the field events cover a much wider variety but, as of now, has the smallest team. The field events include throws such as discus and shot put, as well as hurdles and long jump. This team is currently the smallest because many of the people who plan on doing hurdles and long jump will also be focusing on running events.