ALHS Instagram Accounts


Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

There have been many Alta Loma High School Instagram accounts made. They were made for the purpose of any person who has curiosity about the school. 

Ahsiya Valenzuela states “I think the fact that students are making Instagram specific accounts is a little good so that way we can stay updated on what is going on in the school. Some of the accounts are a little inappropriate but the others do give out some good laughs. ”

One is ALHS fights so that one is most likely for the people wondering how the fight went down that happened that day. There is one that was made a few months ago that focuses on the couples in ALHS. These accounts could have been made just for entertainment but I think they are just to joke around. There is also the actual legit Alta Loma Instagram page. That page mainly posts about events and other things that are going on in our school. ALHS stinky people is also one that caught my eye but that account only has 2 posts and is just for laughs. 

Allison Blanco states “My opinion on the ALHS accounts is that I think they are a way for certain people to embarrass people or talk about people they don’t like but for the most part they seem to be harmless. Most are light hearted and just a little joke but the ones that are made to make fun of specific people etc. are immature and pointless.”

With seeing all these school accounts I wonder which other accounts will come along.