Senior Ditch Day

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Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

Senior ditch day was held on February 22 and this is when seniors decided to ditch school and go have fun. Senior ditch day is usually a yearly thing for every senior class and is always fulfilled. Many students took this day to go out to the beach even though it was really cold. The weather at the beach this day was below 50 but it did not stop students from going there and having fun with each other.

“I went to the beach and it was really fun. It was an experience i’m glad i had and would go again.” Senior, Riley Martinez.

This day is highly anticipated for seniors because it is a fun time for most. Students were posting all over social media of the different activities that they were doing and were making students who didn’t ditch wish that they did. 

“I didn’t participate in senior ditch day but from all the posts i was seeing on Snapchat and Instagram that day made me wish I had tagged along with my friends.” Senior, Dirk McCoy.

Senior ditch day will be held again next year for the 2023 graduates and it is just a matter of when. The students every year choose a different day that fits the best. Some students will not participate but all in all, both sides hopefully have great days and enjoy themselves.