Why Truckers are Protesting in Canada


Courtesy of nbc.com

Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

On January 28, 2022 protests against U.S. and Canadian regulations concerning unvaccinated truck drivers from crossing the border began.  The group of protesters are known as the “Freedom Convoys.”  

These protests have resulted in ending cross-border trade and inspiring attacks against the capital.  A large percentage of truck drivers are already vaccinated, and these protesters are a part of the small group that are unvaccinated.  Those who are still working have experienced delays at the border and have had to take longer routes due to the protests. In addition, the roadblocks have caused tension between trade with the United States as many American companies have been forced to limit their productions.  

“I have heard about these protests all over the news” stated Alyssa Neave, Sophomore.

Canadian police officers have already cleared a blockade on the Ambassador Bridge, a bridge that links Detroit, Michigan to Winsdor, Ontario.  Ottawa police demanded protests to stop or to be arrested.   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau petitioned for the country’s Emergencies Act.  Trudeau claimed that this decision was the “last resort.”   This is Canada’s first nation public emergency order over the last 50 years.  This act allows the central government to have substantial power over national emergencies.  The Canadian Trucking Alliance has been in full support of this action.  

“I keep seeing news related to these protests on social media platforms” stated Sydney Cordova, Sophomore.

These protests are among some of the most well-known of the anti-vaccine protests around the world.  Similar events related to such protests have occurred in Belgium, France, New Zealand, and Finland.