Powderpuff Game Recap


Photo courtesy of ALHS Braves on Instagram

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

Powderpuff game was an amazing experience. It was the senior girls vs the junior girls in a flag football game. This game is held before kingsball as an event. This game every year is highly anticipated and is used as bragging rights between the senior and junior girls.

“The game was not as high scoring as I wanted it to be but regardless it was a good game with a great experience.” Senior, Brandon Moore.

The seniors got the best of the juniors this year and we were able to beat them in good fashion. The senior girls won the game 6-0. The junior girls were not able to come out with a touchdown and lost.

“it was a good game and my juniors were not able to win but i had fun regardless.” junior, Eliana Crespo

This is not a game where students take it to the heart and get some bad ideas, this is a game where students have fun with all grades and support whichever team they want to. Students have enjoyed this game for many years and it will always be a student favorite game of the year. The seniors had on the black jerseys and the juniors had the pink jerseys. During this half time show is when the kingsball king was announced and was awarded to senior Shawne Bell because students had him with the most votes.