ALHS Pool Deck gets new scoreboard


Construction for the scoreboard has begun

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma Aquatics long awaited scoreboard and Touchpads are being put in over the next few months. The Aquatics have been able to raise up enough money for a scoreboard for water polo and Touch pads for Swim.

The Scoreboard is going to be put on the north wall of the pool deck, and the touchpads are being put in every lane in the deep side of the pool. They started on the 21st of february and construction is going to be around 2 months around the beginning of May .

“We are getting a scoreboard, bad news we will not be able to use our pool starting the 14th of february till the end of april due to construction.” Kristan Rodriguez stated in an email to the swim and water polo players regarding the subject.

The construction team will redo the wiring due to it being old and place new wiring where it is needed, along with  having to break up concrete for wiring and other installations to install the Scoreboard and touch pads.

The Touch Pad is for the swimmers to help get accurate time on their laps. It works just like a button once the amount of laps completed and the swimmer touches it to send an electronic message of the time to a computer where it can be later logged.

“I think it will be a good addition for water polo so we have something we can rely on for games and tournaments.” stated Samantha Passwater, a two year swim and one year water polo player when asked her opinion on the scoreboard.

The Scoreboard targets more towards the Water Polo players. Due to them not having a big scoreboard and just a tabletop one, there has been miscommunication and it will also help the spectators in seeing the score better.

Though all aquatic sports will be finished before the end of construction they will be able to use it over the summer and in the upcoming school year. Go Braves GO!