Dove Cameron’s Latest Single, Boyfriend


Courtesy of Spotify

Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

On February 11, 2022, former Disney star Dove Cameron released her new single “Boyfriend.” Cameron announced the release of this song on February 8th, after several weeks of taunting fans with it on social media, especially on TikTok.

Once part of the song had been “leaked” on TikTok, it quickly became popular on the app, inspiring many creators, including many LGBTQ+ people, to create dances and transitions to it. The song itself showcases Cameron’s bisexuality, a first for the singer, though she had been out of the closet for quite some time. With lyrics like “I could be a better boyfriend than him,” Cameron captivated everyone with her alluring tone and thrilling openness.

“It’s a really good song and relatable to a lot of LGBTQ+ members,” stated Alisha Cho, junior.

“Boyfriend” is not only a stunning and popular song, it is also a statement for Cameron, who had been confined under the Disney umbrella for quite some time. Although she managed impressively to escape the “good girl” image, many still associate her with her classic roles in Liv and Maddie or Cloud 9. Many young women who have grown up with Cameron now get to share in her representative music, and others may discover the young artist through the popularity of this new track.

The artist has had fun teasing the new song with comments like, “So here is a present for you” on Twitter.

Cameron has been extremely active on social media, sharing every step of the process with her fans, including last-minute additions to the song, such as the line “Ladies first, baby, I insist,” which she admitted to being an impulsive add on. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.