ALHS Alumni helps Rams win Super Bowl


Photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports

Javier Arredondo, Editor

The Rams are your 2021-2022 Super Bowl champions. Led by stellar play from the duo of Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford, they coasted their way through the regular season and playoffs to become champions. First, they won their division, going 12-5 during the regular season. Then in the playoffs, they took down the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and San Francisco 49ers to make the Super Bowl. Finally, in the big game, they defeated a young Cincinnati Bengals team in a tight game, 23-20. 


Many people may not know that this news is actually significant to our campus, other than some students being Rams fans. The Rams safety, Eric Weddle, is a graduate of ALHS. His journey to the Super Bowl, however, was very different from the Rams conventional journey. He was drafted into the NFL by the San Diego Chargers in the 2007 draft, out of the University of Utah. He played 9 seasons with the Chargers and 3 with the Baltimore Ravens. Weddle then joined the Rams in 2019, in a season where they missed out on the playoffs. After the season, Weddle retired and began coaching football for Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego. 


However, right before the Rams started their playoff run, Weddle announced that he was coming out of retirement to join the Rams. He played in all 4 of their playoff games, and finally got his 1st Super Bowl ring. Weddle retired again and will go back to coaching, knowing that he went out on top. 


He is the graduating class of 2003 here at ALHS. He was the captain of the football team, played baseball as well, and led Alta Loma to the Mt. Baldy League Championship in 2000. 


  A current teacher at ALHS, Mrs. Miller, had the pleasure of being one of Weddle’s teachers, as well as his wife’s. “He was a fair student, he could certainly do well, but he loved football more than he loved English,” said Mrs. Miller with a laugh. “His wife was a student of mine 1st, then he came into the class 2nd semester as a junior.” When asked about what they were like in the class together, she said, “He was such a goofball, that when I found out they were dating, I was like, ‘are you sure?’ because she was so serious, but they balanced each other out.” 


Alta Loma High School and the Inland Empire community is very proud of the pro athletes who have come from our local area to play professional sports and represent the IE.