Fighting Frenzy at Alta Loma High School!

Photo Courtesy of Chloe Liles

Photo Courtesy of Chloe Liles

Chloe M. Liles, Staff Writer

From late January to early February, was an outbreak of violence and rowdiness that took hold of the students at Alta Loma High School. There were several fights, a mosh pit, a dance battle, and even a boxing match in the bathrooms.

“[During the fights] I really noticed the big crowds…” stated Sierra Hart, a sophomore.

Throughout the last several weeks, there was a sharp influx of fights that all seemed to snowball after club rush when the first fight occurred. From there, there were several fights daily that caused many faculty members and officers to get involved. There was even a point where the officers surveyed the students during lunch on motorcycles so they could travel quickly.

What should be mentioned is on Feb. 2 when first lunch devolved into a series of fights, competitions, and mosh pits. The lunch began with a major fight in the quad that faculty had to break apart. The day then devolved into several random occurrences including a large mosh pit and A few other skirmishes. The mosh pit lasted for several minutes with staff surrounding the crowd to make sure violence didn’t break out; people would even hold up their chrome books and calculators in an attempt to record what was going on.

“I saw people running around trying to instigate a fight…They would try to shove people…” said Jillian Huey, a junior.

As a result of the chaos, many students felt that their school lives were disrupted, and they felt unsafe in an environment with the constant threat of fighting. Students struggled to get to classes between periods and they couldn’t enjoy a peaceful lunch break. The constant disturbances throughout the day have annoyed many students and they wished things would go back to normal.

Luckily, with the addition of Mrs. Skiles as the new Dean of Discipline, the constant rowdiness and fights have stopped. Mrs. Skiles, as well as the staff, have seemed to knuckle down on fights and are holding students accountable for their actions. It is common for fights to occur every once in a while at high school, but multiple fights occurring in one day for a week is abnormal and creates an unsafe work environment for the students.