Welcoming Future Braves to Campus!

Photo Courtesy of altalomahighschool.com

Photo Courtesy of altalomahighschool.com

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

Mr Kaylor, principal of Alta Loma welcomes the incoming freshmen by holding an informational meeting and school tour for incoming freshmen and their parents on March 1st during school hours and for the parents at 6 pm. This allows students to become familiar with the administration and overall environment so that they can make the decision of becoming an Alta Loma brave! Alta loma has said goodbye and has welcomed countless classes each year. Each year it becomes even more exciting to see kids in middle school move to a place where they will grow exponentially and eventually even become young adults. 

“I’m excited for the 8th grade meeting and I try to be on my best behavior because I remember how intimidating the thought of high school was in middle school and getting a good feeling from this meeting will hopefully make students more excited to come to our school.” says link crew leader Alexi Escobar. 

The topics covered in the informational meeting include conversations of the classes we offer, the classes recommended for freshmen, special events, a tour of the school, and fun icebreaker activities to allow the students to feel comfortable around each other. They will also get a chance to fill out their course requests for the following year ahead of time! The student store will also be open in case future students would like to buy gear to go with the new chapter they’re beginning. The activities will be run by our very own link crew leaders of Alta loma. 

“Each year seeing new students come into the school warms my heart and I can’t wait for the 8th graders to see all the fun performances and activities we have planned!” says Mr Kaylor, principal of Alta Loma High School. 

During school hours the band, dance team, and cheer team of Alta loma will perform in front of the 8th grade students and they will have their very first rally as a brave. This will allow them to experience a firsthand taste of the activities they’ll be experiencing as an Alta loma high school student. The biggest priority of this event is to create a comfortable atmosphere for future