Choir Auditions are Now Open for All!

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Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

Choir auditions are now open! Now through April 15th, students who are interested in choir can do so by scanning the QR code on their Canvas homepage. There are three levels to choir, Beginning Choir, Advanced Treble, and Chamber Singers. Only Advanced Treble and Chamber Singers require auditions. All three levels satisfy the A-G preforming arts requirement.

The Beginning Choir is focused on the basics in things such as reading music, vocal techniques, percussion instruments, and singing in different styles. Those in Beginning Choir also have the chance to perform the national anthem at Angel Stadium, preform in the Fall Concert, and preform in the Spring Cabaret Concert. No experience is necessary to join.

The Advanced Treble is a level up from Beginning Choir. They focus on the same things Beginning Choir does, however they perform in more events. In addition to singing at Angel Stadium, the Fall Concert, and Spring Concert, they also get to perform in the Winter Concert, Disneyland, and various festivals across southern California. The Advanced Treble also enhances member’s solo singing skills and requires an audition to join.

“My experience with choir has been wonderful, we’re like family here!” says Nour Dandouch, who is a part of the Chamber Singers, the highest level of choir. “Choir has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, and all the different experiences I’ve had in this program have been amazing!” Once moved up to Chamber Singers, students involved have the opportunity to preform even more, and learn more thoroughly about music and vocal skills. 

“The experience is amazing, students interested should definitely consider joining!” says Dandouch. To join choir, a video submission is required, and further instructions can be found on your Canvas homepage, by talking to Mrs. Ford, or by going to