End of Mask Mandate for Schools in California


Photo By Luke R. Winters

Luke R. Winters, Staff Writer

  On March 12, 2022, the mask mandate for California schools will be ending. This means that after almost two years, the school system is starting to return to a somewhat normal state. For some of the younger elementary school students, this means being in school without a mask for the first time in their life. Many people have found masks limiting for social interaction, as many see them as a barrier between them and other people. These people are likely very happy that the California mask mandate is ending in schools in the coming weeks.

“This feels like the right time,” said Dr. Mark Ghaly, California secretary of Health and Human Services. “I’ve been pleased with how the data has come down, and it is the right time to transition from the requirement to a strong recommendation.”

While many people are excited to be able to see people without masks for the first time in years,  some people, however, still believe that masks are important and will continue to wear them. The choice is yours, and people are free to do whatever they think is best for them and their families.

“The Governor’s office engaged all school stakeholders in the conversation around a safe transition for schools-management and labor,” Lisa Gardiner, a representative of the California Teachers Association, wrote. “Our approach has always been grounded in science.”

Despite doubts on the parts of many people, and controversies regarding if the mask mandate really should be ending, or even why the mandate has not ended sooner, experts are now confident that it is safe enough to release some constraints in this regard.