Lord of the Rings-the History of Sauron


photo courtesy of gamerant.com

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

The Lord of the Rings is filled with many characters of all varieties. One famous character is Sauron, known best as the antagonist of the Lord of the Rings. This is not his only significant role throughout the history of Middle Earth, however, as his background is quite expansive.
Sauron was one of the greatest of the Maiar; angelic beings created before the world itself. He was first known as Mairon, being one who enjoyed order and coordination. Admiring the works of Morgoth, he betrayed the Valar and the other Maiar to become Morgoth’s chief lieutenant.
After Morgoth’s defeat, Sauron fled from the judgement of the Valar, and hid in Middle Earth in fear. He soon started to spread his influence again, however, and corrupted many of the men to the East and South.
He desired to gain dominance over elves as well, and so took on a fair form and brought them much knowledge. At the height of their power, the elves forged the Rings of Power, soon followed by Sauron’s forging of the one ring in secret in hopes of controlling the three.
The elves immediately realized Sauron’s betrayal, however, starting a long and gruesome war to his eventual defeat, but much at the cost of his enemies. He began to rebuild, assuming many glories titles like “King of Kings,” bringing the men of Númenor to anger. They brought up a great fleet of ships to Middle Earth, and Sauron, knowing his inability to assail them, surrendered.
The men of Númenor brought Sauron back as a prisoner to their homeland, where Sauron quickly corrupted them and brought the downfall of their people. After the destruction of Númenor, Sauron’s spirit fled back to Mordor, where he waged war against the free peoples until his ring was taken from his hand, leading to his defeat. During the long years to follow, Sauron quietly increased his influence until the events of the Lord of the Rings took place.