Physics Six Flags Trip


courtesy of Six Flags

Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Editor

All the Physics classes at Alta Loma High School took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. This event was created to help show the students the real-life implications physics has on the real world.

Led by Mr. Coutts, the physics teacher at the school, 80 students went out with their calculators and pencils to uncover all the various measurements of different rides. Using their phones while on the rides, they were able to see the speeds and times of the rollercoasters. Then utilizing the equations they have learned for the year, they were required to find such things as the acceleration and force that people felt while riding.

“I really enjoyed the Six Flags trip, my favorite ride was Viper because of all the loops,” stated Catalina Rodriguez.

“It was a fun time to let go and make memories with friends, but also learn,” stated Jillian Huey.

The students enjoyed the day when they were able to skip out on school and ride rollercoasters for the entire time the park was open. While they didn’t prefer doing math and finding measurements at a theme park, they did like the time spent with each other. It allowed them to get a break from the stress of school but still apply the skills they acquired in the class.